“New Blog Post” A Paradigm Shift – {EA

“New Blog Post” A Paradigm Shift – {EAV:f7108d739bea5130}Today is the dawning of  a new dayI was driving around in my car and the most powerful thing happened while I was having a memory bliss. The opportunities I missed… the bad decisions I made…the highs and lows of life..ALL THE HURT  & PAIN, all played a part and was ordained to prepare me FOR THIS VERY MOMENT!!!! http://ow.ly/2vkQnB

“New Blog Post” The Secret To your Suc

“New Blog Post” The Secret To your Success Is in You – You are a Powerful BeingSo why are you waiting for someone or something to confirm your greatness, your uniqueness, your distinctive qualities that set you apart from every other Human being? The potential your graced with is hidden in all the filth and weird crap that was sowed into our lives. The foundation we’ve constructed hanging around http://ow.ly/2vhL8V

“New Blog Post” GREAT Opportunities Do

“New Blog Post” GREAT Opportunities Don’t Come But Once – Have you miSs your OPPORTUNTY????Are you aware of the predicted crisis that seems to be around the corner? Are you prepared for what would be another shaking emanating from our nations capital. Is this all really a plot to dig deeper into the pockets of every taxpayer? causing higher taxes,more lay-offs, and higher http://ow.ly/2vgeef

“New Blog Post” Simple Marketing 101 –

“New Blog Post” Simple Marketing 101 – Simple Marketing 101It’s nearly impossible receiving real marketing education these days,I mean after all marketing on the internet indirectly opposes traditional offline marketing, because of  all the technicalities involved in the process.Empower Network’s viral blogging systemAfter you pay and join the network, your next move is to http://ow.ly/2vdN09

“New Blog Post” – Snatching The Mask

“New Blog Post” – Snatching The Mask It’s funny how growing up we kept hearing the older Aunt’s and great uncle’s, mother’s of the church and of the neighborhood say how “we living in the last days”, So funny as a kid, yet I find myself now living in a world rapidly sinking in it’s attributes of fame and fortune,greed and envy..Again, as I look now through a http://ow.ly/2v9Kx3