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“New Blog Post” – Snatching The Mask It’s funny how growing up we kept hearing the older Aunt’s and great uncle’s, mother’s of the church and of the neighborhood say how “we living in the last days”, So funny as a kid, yet I find myself now living in a world rapidly sinking in it’s attributes of fame and fortune,greed and envy..Again, as I look now through a http://ow.ly/2v9Kx3


CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

WASHINGTON (CBSDFW.COM/AP) – The Supreme Court’s conservative justices voiced deep skepticism Wednesday about a section of a landmark civil rights law that has helped millions of Americans exercise their right to vote.

In a fast-paced, 70-minute argument, the court’s liberals and conservatives engaged in a sometimes tense back and forth over whether there is an ongoing need in 2013 for a key provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The measure requires states with a history of discrimination, mainly in the Deep South, to get approval before making changes in the way elections are held.

Chief Justice John Roberts asked the government’s top Supreme Court lawyer whether the Obama administration thinks Southerners “are more racist than citizens in the North.”

The answer from Solicitor General Donald Verrilli was no.

The question, and others like it from the conservative justices, largely echoed the doubts they first expressed four years ago…

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“New Blog Post” Bloggers, Money or Fun

“New Blog Post” Bloggers, Money or Fun – Are you blogging for a hobby? Is it just a fun thing to do, like trying to impress your friends?Well Blogging can be a fun experience, I must say, really for anyone from any background from 8 to 80 years old. The thing about it is, the freedom which is not limitless, there are some restriction that are in place, rules and regulations that are http://ow.ly/2v8eLU

” Facebook,Google,Yahoo”

“New Blog Post” Facebook,Google,Yahoo, Youtube – Facebook,Google,Yahoo, YoutubeAre you making money with or alongside these mega giants? Do you know that you can make tons of money accessing the backdoor to the search engine juggernauts. What is the backdoor to FACEBOOK,GOOGLE,YAHOO, YOUTUBE ? I’m glad you ask!!FACEBOOK, GOOGLE,YAHOO, YOUTUBEARE  all remarkably the epitome of a cash http://ow.ly/2v6IRA

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“New Blog Post” DECISIONS – Have you made any bad decisions lately??Did you choose a nice young lady to go out with, or answered yes to a guy asking you out for a small dinner date? Or did you decide to just stay at home deliberately pondering,..well maybe dreading what the next 5 to 10 years of your life will be like?Decisions carve out our pathwayEvery phase of our http://ow.ly/2v5goX

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“New Blog Post” Legal Trafficking – Really? Legal Trafficking? Empower NetworkHave you ever did anything illegal? Well what If i tell you that you can defy all the rules and regulations and start legal Trafficking? Huh??? yes trafficking with loads of product and ammo!!!!I know some of  you that has travel or knew of someone that has traveled these roads before are really http://ow.ly/2v4hyS